Welcome to HTBaking.

My name is Heather and as is obvious  – I love to be in the kitchen.  I spent four years in the restaurant industry, working at a few fabulous places in Boston.  Most notably, I was the Pastry Chef at Hungry Mother in Cambridge for the first 2 years they were open.  I love creating desserts and meals for family and friends.  My love of things sweet comes from my mom and Grandma Ryan, who always entertained my sister and I with cookie baking. My passion for food and cooking comes from watching PBS cooking shows on Saturday afternoons with my dad.  I enjoy home style baking, meaning it may not always be fancy and perfect but it tastes AMAZING.

I created this space to document my adventures in baking. I live in Norfolk, CT with my wonderful husband Bryan and two young boys.  Our Friday nights consist of gourmet take out and opening a good bottle of wine as celebration of making through another week as parents.

Thanks for reading.

All pictures on HT Baking were taken by Heather Tirrell Adams unless otherwise noted.
Please do not copy them without prior permission. Feel free to email me at hjtadams@gmail.com

Copyright 2009-2016 Heather Tirrell Adams © All rights reserved.

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