Wedding Cake

Last weekend my dear friend Katy Bell married Matthew Hannan in Sandwich, MA.  It was a beautiful wedding and the couple could not have asked for a more perfect day to get married!!!

Not only was this an important event for Katy and Matt it was also an exciting day for me…my first WEDDING CAKE!!!!

Katy and I met a few years back here in Boston when we were both working at Children’s Hospital Trust.  We have shared many a fun night out with out clan of “Trust Girls” and have remained great friends since leaving the office.  I was so excited to offer to make her wedding cake and even more excited that she agreed to let me do it!!!

The planning started a few months back as I contemplated flavors, size and transportation strategies.  After a taste test of 2 different cake flavors Katy and Matt chose the more unique, spiced buttermilk pound cake filled with pineapple curd and ginger cream cheese frosting (an original HTcakes creation!!).  With flavor out of the way it was on to baking…which was a little bit of a challenge since I was doing it out of my home kitchen during one of the hottest weeks of the summer.  However, everything went off without a hitch and it was baked, decorated and ready to go on Saturday morning!!!

I decided to transport it in pieces and then assemble it when I got there.     With AC on high we made our way down to the cape on time and had the cake all set with plenty of time to get to the ceremony!!!

Here are some pics of both the cake and the fun time we had!!!!Cake

Trust Girls

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