Jodi – Wa- Hodi’s Wedding Cake

I became friends with Kim Wearne in home economics class in 8th grade.  Our dislike of the teacher, Ms. Sperrow and the horrific cooking skills we learned (all involving a microwave) allowed us to be fast friends.  Kim and I then spent 4 years on the swim team together and have remained close since our days of flip turns and obsessions over senior boys. Over the years I have become close with the whole Wearne family.  At one of the early gatherings of Wearne friends and family I attended, Jodi, Kim’s younger sister shared a song that she wrote about herself “Jodi-Wa-Hodi do da loot da doodle do”, she then wrote one for my name “Heather -the – Feather”.  As with Kim, Jodi and I became fast friends!  Four years ago as I was making the leap into a career in food I was living with Jodi in the North End of Boston.   We had a fantastic time living in the city and although I was sad to see her move out of Boston and back home to CT, I couldn’t help but be excited for one of her reasons…she was dating Ricky Langer and was so happy we couldn’t help but wish her the best.

On July 16th, Jodi and Ricky celebrated their wedding in Madison, CT.   A warm and beautiful summer weekend, the couple was surrounded by friends and family for a lovely event.  I had the honor of making their wedding cake.  They chose a chocolate cake with raspberry and mocha butter cream filling.  This was the second wedding cake I have made and it went very smoothly! I had so much fun making it.  I am on summer vacation so I was able to get up early and bake all day, I felt like I was back in the restaurant kitchen.

I really loved being able to be part of Jodi and Ricky’s day! Here are a few tips when making a wedding cake:

1. If possible bake each layer in a 3 inch deep pan.  When you bake each layer separately you waste a lot of cake, since trimming the layers to be flat is a must.  The thicker cake can then be sliced into 3 or 4 layers with a thin serrated knife. (This is the set that I have)

2. To ensure you have even layers, assemble the cake back in the empty pan (upside down).  Line each pan with plastic wrap, then put in the layer of cake you want to be the top in the bottom.  Using a piping bag, add your filling, next a layer of cake etc.  Finish with cake and gently press down so everything settles, keeping the hight even with the edge of the pan.  Chill for a few hours then flip out and frost.

3. Cut holes in the cardboard cake circles before you put the cake on them. I cut 1 inch circles in the exact middle of each cake circle.

4. After you frost each layer, make a hole in the center with the dowel, remove dowel.  This will be a guide for when you put the whole dowel through during assembly.

5. No need to worry about fondant or colored frosting, the easiest way to ensure the cake fits the color scheme and style of the wedding is to have the florist leave you a bucket of flowers to use as decorations!!

6. Check with the caterer about whether or not they and their staff know how to cut a wedding cake.

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  1. Kate

     /  July 30, 2011

    It looks super!


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