To share with friends…

There is nothing I enjoy more than sharing baked goods and recipes with friends.  When my friend Jodi asked if I would help her with a blog post for her new design blog Nutmeg Street I was so excited.

Jodi and I met a long time ago when her older sister, Kim and I became fast friends in Ms. Sperrow’s home economics class in 8th grade.  While I have gotten to know and love the entire Wearne family, my friendship with Jodi really blossomed when we lived together for a year in Boston’s North End.  It was the year that I made the leap to go to culinary school.  We had a lot of fun together, watching outlandish episodes of  “One Tree Hill” and eating all the treats I would bring home from school.

That was five years ago and since then we have both gotten married, moved out of the North End and grown up a bit.   Jodi and her husband Ricky welcomed their first son, Ricky Jr. into the world a little over a month ago.  The three of them made a special trip to visit with Bryan and I and to do a little baking and blogging. We had a wonderful cozy afternoon together.  It was so nice to spend time with Jodi just like we used to when we lived together.

We whipped up some Nutmeg Maple Cut Out Cookies in fun baby animal shapes to celebrate the arrival of RJ as well as give her new blog a signature recipe!  These cookies are delicious, the maple flavor is really nice and the nutmeg adds a layer of warmth, making them a nice holiday cookie.  They are perfect as is but I expect to be making them into sandwich cookies at some point, vanilla or bourbon cream filled.

Head over to Nutmeg Street to get the recipe and read more about our visit!

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