Baking with Baby

I have a new partner in crime…


Yup, Brown has now learned to chill out enough to join me in the kitchen.  He has taken to happily sitting in his chair or playing on his fun mat for up to a half hour.  Long enough to mix some cookie dough, or bake 3 trays of cookies 🙂 We chat about ingredients, mixing methods and often sing a few verses of Old McDonald.  We have really only dabbled in cookies, they are easy, the dough can sit should we have a spontaneous and immediate need to bounce or walk or change a diaper.

I hope to post a few cookie recipes in the coming weeks. Today we are experimenting with some St. Patrick’s Day goodies and I made some delicious lactation cookies last week 🙂 This baking is doing nothing for my wish to be swim suit ready by June, but with this weather we may not see grass or temps over 50 till August.  Stay warm!

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